Miss Aida was born into a family with a long history of spiritual practices:  Santeria, Brujeria, Palo, etc.  So, magical practices have always been a part of her life.  Her family (and friends of her family) practiced magic on an ongoing basis.

While, growing up, Miss Aida was taught how to readily fix problems through magic.  So, to her, it was just a way of life (which she thought was “normal” and that everybody did the same in their households!).

Many experienced Santeras and witches have identified Miss Aida as a natural intuitive and medium.  She had been talking to spirits since she was a baby.

Miss Aida has had numerous spiritual initiations.  She is also a Certified Root Worker and has also had privy to many secrets of other paths.  Additionally, she is a Christian.  Therefore, her magical practices are eclectic.

On a personal level, Miss Aida is, first and foremost, a passionate animal lover.  She is also a Registered Nurse, and holds a Master’s Degree.  Miss Aida’s Mother was from Cuba and her Father’s roots are from Greece (Spartans).

Specializing in spiritual cleanings, eradicating spirit intrusions, and protection. Miss Aida also helps those of need of:

  • Break Up Spells
  • Uncrossing
  • Success Spells
  • Road Opening Spells
  • ANIMAL/PET health matters
  • Crossings
  • Novenas
  • Eradicating spiritual intrusions

Miss Aida is selective regarding whom she will assist and will only work with those who are serious and committed.  For that reason, a rapport must be established between her and clients to assess the clients’ dedication and loyalty.

Find Miss Aida on Facebook: www.facebook.com/MissAidaPsychic


Member of AIRR: the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers

The Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers (AIRR) is a gathering of professional practitioners of African American folk magic, hoodoo, conjure, and rootwork who provide psychic readings and spiritual root doctoring services to the public.
AIRR promotes quality service and ethical conduct by means of accreditation and evaluation of our members. Unlike commercial online psychic reader services.
AIRR is a membership-supported organization that receives no fees or kickbacks for referrals.