Caregivers and Hoodoo

Caregivers and Hoodoo

When people are ill, not only are they physically immunosuppressed (meaning that their body is more susceptible to infections and more diseases) but also Spiritually suppressed. Especially if they are lonely or alone.

This happens for many reasons. There’s negativity around them because:

1-They are unhappy. 2-They are scared 3-They are angry for being ill 4-They are weak 5-They are lonely 6-They are resentful of their caregivers because they are not ill 7-Many more reasons…..

All this negativity around them summons malevolent spirits. These Spirits actually prey on the ill because of their weaknesses. And the negative energies are like magnets that gives rise (and accumulates) more negativity.

Usually, when one walks into the room of a lonely ill person, one can feel the bad energies in and around the patient. This is in contrast to an ill patient who has many visitors, love and happiness around them (which deters bad energies).

The room of a Spiritually suppressed person is comparable to a “war zone” of bad energies fighting everybody and everything that could possible bring comfort and/or happiness. And the bad Spirits will cause things to happen:

1-Sometimes, medical equipment won’t work 2-Sometimes, communications are impaired 3-Sometimes attempts to help the patient result in failure

When a family member or caregiver walks into a room of this “war zone”, they immediately feel the negative energies and feel sick. Some will not return because of the “bad feelings”. This results in the patient feeling even lonelier and gives rise to more negativity.

There are also patients who ATTACK the caregivers. They just happen to know the caregiver’s weaknesses. This is because they become in tuned to the malevolent Spirits telling them what to say (as an act of retaliation for being healthy). Why do they do this? So that the caregivers become negative also. Remember: this negativity feeds the malevolent Spirits as a Spiritual food to make them stronger.

The patients also become more DEMANDING to wear out the caregiver. If the caregiver is worn out, they become weak and angry. And guess what? This also feeds these Spirits

It is IMPERATIVE that caregivers understand that it is NOT the patients talking and, instead, bad Spirits talking through them. Although easier said than done, try to become immune to the insults. Try to meet the demands with joy and happiness.

Protection of the patient and the caregiver is imperative. And deterrent measures must be enforced at all times..

(then, we can talk about protection)


5 votive cups Buffalo Ammonia Florida Water Camphor Bible (opened to Psalms 121) A pair of opened scissors Fiery Wall of Protection Oil Protection Amulets Tibetan Ghost Purging Incense Censor (for incense) And, this page:

Many times, patients are on oxygen so, we have to be careful of what we use in the room. We also must be careful of odors so, this is why we use small votive cups:

For the patient, to reduce the amount of negativity in the room, we will:

1-Put 1 votive cup filled with ammonia in each corner of the room 2-Put one votive cup filled with a camphor square and Florida water under their beds 3-If the family allows, open the Bible to Psalm 121, place open scissors (facing up) over the Psalms and also place thee under their bed. 4-Also try playing music that is comforting to both the patient and yourself (do not play music which is offensive to the client) 5-Fresh Air and Sunshine.

For the caregiver:

1-Anoint yourself with Fiery Wall of Protection oil 2-Wear protection Amulets 3-If you are in a house (and not in a hospital room), you can burn Tibetan Ghost Purging Incense around the house (walk in a clockwise circle). Be careful not to get the smoke around the patient if the patient is extremely ill and sensitive to smoke (or on Oxygen). 4-Try any of the spells on yourself on Lucky Mojo’s Protection Spell Page. 5-Ignore all insults and demands. In fact, when insulted, LAUGH (These Spirits hate laughter). 6-Wear out these bad Spirits with positive responses.