Personal Concerns

What are Personal Concerns?

A personal concern is an object or item that had been connected to (or associated with) a person’s physical body.

These items include (but not completely limited to):

· Blood · Menstrual blood · Toenails or fingernails · Urine · Feces · Semen · Vaginal secretions · Hair (from ANYWHERE on the body: including nose hair!) · Spit/saliva · Mucus (yes, the junk you cough up or comes out of your nose) · Sweat · Teeth · Ear wax · Handwriting · Photo ___________________________________________________________________

One of THE most accessible to the spells caster is the Skin:

The outer skin layer of the human body is called the: “Epidermis” The epidermis is composed of trillions of skin cells. We shed and re-grow an epidermis about once a month and about 1,000 times in an average lifetime.

And these skin cells fall off of our bodies at a rate of about 30,000 – 40,000 an hour (in order to replenish new ones). That comes to around (roughly) over a million skin cells a day.

Because of the enormous amount of skin cells that we lose, police dogs (and Schutzhund dogs) are trained to track or trail the “bad guy”, by sniffing for skin cells!!


And where do we find skin cells?

Well, skin cells are light and can easily travel, lighter than feathers. Skin cells are the VAST majority of dust.

So, the dust that collects on your tables, Television, windowsills, and pictures frames most likely contain thousands upon thousands of skin cells!!

Acquiring Personal Concerns

There are a zillion ways of collecting personal concerns. Some ways are more subtle and others more daring.


In the bathroom one can confiscate the garbage. Look for used tissue, hair, used q-tips, used panty liners, sometimes kotex, etc.

Check (or steal) the razor (which will be loaded with skin cells as well as hair!).

Remove the sink trap and you will have a treasure load of personal belongings!!!

Hairbrushes will usually have hair and skin cells.

Toothbrushes have lots and lots of cells from the gum!


Use tape or a lint remover and roll it over a pillow and sheets that have been slept on. Although you won’t be able to see the skin cells, you will have them on the roller.


Check the hamper for dirty clothing. Check the washing machine to see if dirty clothing is in the bin waiting to be washed And check the lint trap in the dryer!!


Cigarette butts are used commonly in Hoodoo, Santeria, Brujeria, Palo, And Wicca. There is an array of skin cells and dried saliva. Steal them!!


Tell the man that you have a fantasy of the man ejaculating on your face. Go to the bathroom and wipe your face with tissue or a white cotton washcloth. You’ve got sperm!

Use your fingers to masturbate a woman and collect her vaginal secretions by wiping your fingers on a washcloth or tissue that you have hidden under the sheets.

If a person is performing oral sex on you, wipe yourself with a tissue or washcloth to collect their saliva . _____________________________________________________________________ Although there’s many more ways, this is MY all-time favorite that I do to men:

Tell them that the nape of their head (bottom back of hair) is way too long and it looks “shabby”. Take a clean disposal razor and a Kleenex. Shave their head, wrap the razor and hair in the Kleenex and just place it in the garbage. When the target leaves, you have hair and skin on that razor!! AND they usually think that you’re a nice person for caring so much about their appearance.


Poppets, candles, sachets, nation sacks, etc.


Bewitching Oil Come to me Sachet

Menstrual blood, vaginal secretions, semen, urine (and sometimes sweat) are your own personal belongings that mark your territory (just as an animal marks their territories).

An old boyfriend of mine laid a trick on me that confused me completely. I kept dumping him, and then I would want him back immediately. After he would return, I didn’t want him. This was a repetitious cycle of kicking him out and wanting him back. I knew something was wrong with me. So, I searched “high-and-low” until I found his dirty sweaty work shirt folded NEATLY beneath my clean folded clothing. Once I found it and contained it, I never wanted him back again. But, the trick worked for about a month!

Take your used underwear. It would be nicer if it had vaginal secretions or semen on. DO NOT use urine because urine becomes rancid and has a horrible odor. This can be easily detected.

Dab some bewitching oil on it. Fold it very neatly and place it under the target’s clean folded clothing. WAY at the bottom!

Captain Conjure taught me that electric razors have lots of hair and skin cells and are cut very finely. So, shave your legs with an electric razor. Empty the contents in a package of Come to Me Sachet powder and mix very well. Make a trail from the target’s home to your home with this mixture, all the while stating your petition.

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