Virgen Caridad del Cobre

Radio Show-Sept 4, 2016


First, I want to thank you, cat, for allowing me to present the story of my patron Saint who has ALWAYS been with me since I was born. She has always taken care of me, protected me, and granted my petitions. I am forever grateful to you for allowing me to make this presentation.

In Cuba (in the area of what is now known as: “El Cobre”), around the year 1600, 3 young boys were sent to sea in a very small boat in order to gather salt for meat preservation. Although the boys were incorrectly known as “The Three Johns”, two were brothers of indigenous descent and one was an Afro-Cuban slave who was only 10 years old. The 2 brothers were also around 10 years old.

While at sea, a violent storm threatened to sink the small boat and kill the children. So, they prayed for divine help. Almost in an instant, the sea calmed down and a statue (in the image of a Saintly Woman, holding a cross and the baby Jesus), standing atop of a piece of wood, came toward them. As they reached the statue, both the wood and the statue were COMPLETELY dry!!! Engraved in the wood were the words: “I am the Virgin of Charity”
When the boys returned to shore, they reported what had happened to an administrator of copper mines. The administrator ordered that a shrine be built to her and the statue was placed there. Strangely enough, even though the doors were kept locked, the statue kept disappearing and reappearing! Ultimately, her shrine was moved to another part of Cuba.

After that time, may people were having visions of her and she had performed numerous miracles.
Because of all of the miracles that she had performed through the years, in 1916, Pope Benedict XV declared her the Patroness of Cuba.

Her miracles are boundless. She helps in matters of almost everything. . In fact, when Ernest Hemingway won the Nobel Prize for literature, he gave his medal to her (at her Shrine) to show his love and appreciation to her!
Some people view her as the Virgin Mary. In fact, the Archdiocese in Miami, Florida, is named (and venerated) after her: “Ermita de la Caridad” (“Ermita” roughly translated to: “shrine”). Others view her as the Patron Saint of Cuba. And, because of her similarities to an Orisha of Santeria, her syncretism is also: “Oshun”.
She has loving nicknames such as: “Caridad”, “Cachita”, “Yallodde” and, of course, “Oshun” (so, if you meet Cuban ladies with the nickname: “Cachita, her actual birth name is: “Caridad”).
As her miracles are boundless, and as her reputation spreads, the Caridad is also venerated in other parts of the world. She is venerated in:

  1. Many Latin-American countries
  2. Spain (where her image was granted a Canonical Coronation in 1955)
  3. France
  4. Phillipines
  5. U.S.A.
  6. Etc.

Although she will help in any matter, the Virgin Caridad (as well as Oshun) is especially helpful in matters of money, sensuality, sexuality, fertility, maternity, love, and marriage. But NOHTING that you request of her is too big or too small. She has personally helped me with such small matters as getting me jobs, promotions. She has helped me with actual scores that I had requested on tests. She has helped me with matters of love, winning money, etc. She has helped me with EVERYTHING!!

Many of us offer up to her the same as we would offer up to Oshun. So, don’t be surprised if you see a statue of the Virgin Caridad adorned with gifts such as:

  1. White or Yellow candles ( )
  2. Oranges
  3. Peacock feathers
  4. Pyrite ( )
  5. Cinnamon sticks or chips: ( )
  6. Pumpkins
  7. Mirros
  8. Florida Water ( )
  9. And many many more

Other gifts to her would include: A donation to her church; white or yellow flowers, a glass of fresh water, honey (we will talk about honey at the ed of the show).
Regardless of whether you pray to the Caridad or to Oshun, SEPTEMBER 8 is the feast day for both.


Simple Love Spell

2 Caridad Candles-
Caridad Incense-
Caridad Oil-
Pyrite Gravel-
4 yellow (or white) 6 inch taper candles-
Small White Bowl (or Jicara if you have one)
Picture of your intended and a picture of yourself
Fish hook
5 petition papers

Always light one vigil candle first just to venerate the Entity and to let them get to know you. Don’t ask anything. It is a way to get them to find favor with you. It would be GREAT if you could do this on September 8 !!
Once this candle has been consumed, start your spell on a Saturday (it is her day of veneration and honor).
The number “5” is the Caridad’s number.

So, anoint the taper candles with the oil and then roll them in the incense. These 4 candles, plus the vigil candle, make 5. Put petition papers under each candle.

With the vigil candle front and center, put the other 4 candles around to make a circle wide enough to be able to place the bowl in the middle. Put petition papers under each candle.

Put the 2 pictures face-to-face. Then, put a fishhook through them.

Place the pictures in the bowl and put the bowl in the center of the circle.

Place the pyrite gravel around the bowl (this gets her attention)

Now, light the candles. And pray and ask your petition.

Now, you take the honey and taste it. Tell Caridad that you are tasting the honey first and show here (legend has it that someone tried to put poison in honey so she will not take the offering unless you eat t first). Then, pour the honey into the bowl that has the pictures in it.