Your mindset must be properly conditioned for any type of successful spell casting. Although the conditioning isn’t difficult, it does require four essential fundamentals for victorious outcomes:

 Self-Confidence: We must be self-confident that our spells will work. This means that we ought not second guess ourselves or fear that we are not powerful enough to control the target. With self-confidence, we also have to be determined to affect the target and to be patient with our work.

Determination: While performing magic, some spell-casters will monitor their target and are dismayed that their target is doing well. They then lose confidence and surrender (or “give up”) their spell work while assuming that nothing is manifesting. This is the WRONG attitude. The correct attitude is to continue your work. Be determined to see it through to the end, without a change of heart!

Patience: This is a virtue that is absolutely necessary because spells don’t work overnight! No matter what happens, be calm and know that your spell WILL work!

Persistence: Keep at it, keep at it, KEEP AT IT! Is the target having a great day? He/she won’t for long! Their day is coming…

The following true and astonishing success story of justified revenge will illustrate how the four essential fundamentals are implemented:

Decades ago, there was a man named: “Tony” who was a happily married and successful Spiritual practitioner with his own spiritual store. He was called a “Babalawo”: a very powerful and high-ranking Priest in the religion of Santeria. He even had his own house of Santeria with numerous members and he was loved and admired by hundreds of people all over the state of Florida. People would travel any amount of distance to seek his services.

My Godmother in Santeria also adored Tony (as did I) and had practically worked her fingers to the bones, for many months, assisting him with his numerous ceremonies. She also happily contributed her vast years of wisdom and knowledge in any way that she could. But, her services also required payment. And she had desperately depended on that money to pay her family members’ way out of the impoverished country of Cuba and into the U.S.A.: the land of opportunity.

Unfortunately, money and notoriety got the best of the Babalawo and he had transformed from a thoughtful man to a greedy and “green-eyed monster”. While continuously stalling my Godmother with payment for her services, he was instead keeping all of the profits for himself. He never paid her one single penny and inevitably cheated her out of thousands of dollars.

But my Godmother wasn’t an idiot, either. Upon every single visit to Tony’s home or store, she collected either his hair or other personal concerns (to be discussed later in this book). She said that these items may be needed for a “rainy day”. And, eventually, that “rainy day” arrived when she came to the realization that Tony had no intention of ever paying her. And with these personal concerns, she made an effigy of him, specifically a doll-baby.

At her house, I saw a doll-baby, hanging by its neck, tied to a tree branch. I asked: “Godmother, who is this?”. She replied (with anger): “It’s Tony. When I am finished with him, he will lose his wife, his house, his business and his savings. I will destroy him just the way he destroyed my children and my grandchildren!”.

Truthfully, I thought to myself that the old lady was crazy to think that a mere Santera, such as herself, could destroy such a powerful Spiritual practitioner. But she was certainly self-confident that she would.

Then, every single day, day after day, she would tirelessly beat the crap out of that doll with a heavy stick while demanding that he lose his wife, business, house, and money. My Godmother was determined to ruin Tony’s life.

A little over a month later, she is still cursing this doll. Honestly, I was getting exhausted just watching her beating and yelling at this doll! Outspoken as I am, I had the stupidity to question her: “Godmother, you’re wasting your time. The spell is not working. Nothing is going to happen to him. As a matter of fact, his business is flourishing and he’s thinking of expanding his store”. With disgust and contempt for me, she replied: “You have no faith. You have no patience. And your lack of patience will destroy your spells and your life!”.

Weeks and weeks later, she is still cursing out and beating this doll with that heavy stick. Boy, was she a persistent spell-caster! She had no intention of giving up, even with all of his blatant ongoing successes.

Then, the inevitable happened and my Godmother’s spell work started to manifest. A few months later, I received a phone call from Maria, the Babalawo’s wife. She wanted to inform me that she had caught Tony making love to another woman in her very own bed! I immediately informed my Godmother and her response was: “Good. Now, sit back and enjoy the show as it’s just beginning”.

From that moment forward, Tony’s life started falling apart. And, the “show” was indeed just beginning!

Because the Santeria community holds Babalawos to a higher ethical and moral standard, adultery is NOT tolerated. So, as retaliation for the hurt that Maria suffered, she had also called every member of his house, and as many of his clients, friends, and followers as she could and exposed his disregard of the religious standards imposed on Babalawos. Maria was determined to destroy Tony’s reputation.

Next, Maria withdrew all the monies from his bank accounts, moved away, and then filed for divorce. She was awarded a large sum of money in lieu of the physical home and business. And, because Maria ruined Tony’s reputation as a virtuous man, he was left with a failed business and no money to pay the mortgage. He lost his followers, he lost everything.

The manifestation of my Godmother’s spell work resulted in a fast deterioration of everything that Tony worked so hard to attain. As a matter of fact, it took only about a year to destroy what Tony worked decades to build. And it is amazing how Spirit assisted the spell by making Tony’s very own wife the catalyst of the curse for the demise of his wealth and status!

Was my Godmother’s spell of revenge justified? Tony’s greed and lack of payment kept her children and grandchildren impoverished. So, she did the same to him.

By the way, Tony tried very hard to rebuild the “empire” that he once had but was unsuccessful. Later, he just disappeared. To this day, nobody seems to know where he is or whatever happened to him. He just perished. But I do know this:

My Godmothers’ self-confidence, determination, patience, and persistence caused destruction to the life of a very powerful man. She was a MASTER!!

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